As consumers, we were frustrated by the lack of responsiveness and transparency when contacting organizations. We looked at the web, and the great ways we have to contact our friends and see all our interactions, and thought that there must be a better way! So, we set out to solve two problems:

1. Lack of, or late response to submitted contact forms and emails, leading to loss of good will and confidence in this communication method. Companies are getting people to their site (at high cost) but then losing them due to lack of, or late response. Our solution is to empower websites with metrics of their own performance in responding to customer queries, as well as alerting when customers are waiting too long. This should ensure that customers are never left out in the cold.

2. Customers feel that they're not being listened to. This leads to poor perception of an organisation and lost business. Our solution is to publish a history of the customer's interactions with an organization, including failed attempts, for the customer to see. This way the customer can at least see that the organization has a record of all of their interactions and is listening. We are proving that by adding these features to your website you can increase sales, and save costs.